October 12, 2006


Some people celebrate October with Halloween and costumes. Other people, childless no doubt, celebrate October with beer and alcohol. Then there is the few and far between that get all riled up with scrapbooking.

In this household we do all three. The dog gets forced into some stupid knitted costume, because her mommy and daddy think it's funny-errr, because she likes being in sweaters.....The hubby attends the annual World Beer Festival and samples hops, meads, and turkey legs. I don't drink beer, so it's fun boys only weekend. Lastly, but certainly not least, I attend the annual croptoberfest with my mom. Yes, I know this is a knitting blog, but I am making slow progress on all my projects and will cleverly distract you with talk of other things.

This weekend I am driving into ATL again to visit the ENT again and am staying the weekend to scrapbook with Mom. This is the 1st sale of the year and Mom does all the purchasing. (What can I say? I'm newly married and poor.) Plus, I'm way behind on scrapbooking. I just finished my girlfriend's wedding from April 2004. Whoopsie!

For most of you the process of creating is why you knit, sew, quilt. And being a knitter I can completely understand the satisfaction and sense of fulfillment one gets from it. I get the same thing from scrapbooking. Let me pause here and clarify between scrapbooking and CRAPbooking. Scrapbooking is when one takes pictures enchances them by journaling and possibly pretty papers and stickers. CRAPbooking is when the album is so heavy and pages are so thick it takes two hands and six people to properly explain just how old Aunt Marjorie was turning in that picture. Pages fold and crinkle under the weight of odds and ends that make no sense whatsoever, and have no relation at all to anything else on the page, but instead cause the book to sit permenantly lopsided. I do not CRAPbook.

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