October 26, 2006


Progress shots on Cathode.

I had to regauge for Quarry's 3 stitches per inch instead of 2 stitches per inch. Also, I doubled the yarn requirements by using a double strand instead of single strand for added warmth. So far I am really happy with the changes so far. This could change as the pattern gets more difficult. After all, twelve inches of 2x2 ribbing isn't all that hard.

However, I am really excited about the yarn
I'm using for the edging. It matches perfectly and is super duper soft. Thanks for the tip Emily! It knits up so fast on the size 11 needles, my knitting high has yet to wear off. In fact, I think my high is increasing its potency the more I knit. And now as I think about the final sweater, I really want to get some chocolate pants to wear with this top once it's finished. That would be super yummy.
Has anyone else made this pattern or used this yarn? Any advice would be welcome.

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