October 27, 2006

The DPNs are here!

I had a better picture of my needles, but quite frankly they didn't show off my nails as much and I am quite proud of how polished they look. I'm southern, what can I say painted fingernails looked all grown up to me when I was five and they still look all grown up to me now that I'm twenty-five. Oh, and I had to buy the fruit caps pattern to justify the $4.95 in shipping I was charged for the needles.

I swear. It also has nothing to do with the fact that I may have a slight obsession with fruit on babies heads. Nothing at all.

Below is a picture of the shaping process, I used. The author described using balloon to shape the hat. I had no balloons in the house, and really do people without children keep those on stock? So I used Freddie's head. Freddie is my Cabbage Patch. He has been unearthed recently during the move and has yet to find a new home (box) in which I feel comfortable keeping him. Not having a newborn on hand to measure head size, I figured Freddie's head was a good match for the newborn size I knitted. If not, I'm not really concerned, because remember I knitted this for NICK, and it's made of wool. I'm just happy I have a baby Tart.

I have plenty of yarn leftover, so I may be making one if these in every size. My girlfriend, Leslie, has already given me notice she wants one. I believe she is aware of the drawbacks to wool children's caps, but much like myself, she is much too enamored with the idea of fruit on baby heads. (Can you tell why we're friends?)

By the way, I removed the plastic sandwich baggy I had over Freddie's head to protect him for wet wool for this picture, because I thought that might be a little disturbing.

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Leslie said...

Love it. Want it! You did a great job. Congrats on the finished project.