September 18, 2006

Maya Approves

This quick and easy dish cloth 'o love is now Maya Approved! If you knit one today, cats everywhere can enjoy all things square. Dogs too will enjoy this all cotton rag for those slobbery summer and fall (in the south) days.

Choose from Hearts surrounded by a seed stitch border or any other pattern you just can't see using in anything wearable, but still are dying to try out.

Perfect for ROAKs (Random Acts of Kindess), pick-me-ups or your grandmother's Christmas present. Start one today before some else uses this great (CHEAP) idea and your left with nothing but a pile of cheap 100% cotton yarn in heinous colors.

My mother and I found some sale cotton yarn wrapped in a nylon/rayon type mesh and decided it would be much worth a try as dish rag. This one only took me a day to make. And the ball runs about 93 yards, so I can make two clothes from one skein. Yes, only atrocious colors were left, but who really cares? You only use it to wipe up stuff no one will eat anyway.

I also had my first foray into the world of candy making. I've been waiting to make these stupid peppermint toads since before I left UGA in 2003. Chocolate? Check. Peppermint extract? Check. Candy mold? Hummmmm.... I found this soap mold on the same trip as the yarn sale-That's good enough, check.

What can I say, I'm a Harry Potter fanatic. Christopher Lee ain't got nothing on me (see trivia number seven, if you don't understand this reference). Reading-phhhhh. I EAT Harry Potter once a year. Yes, I have tried many variations of Butterbeer. I recommend just pretending with cream sodas for the little ones, or using a butterscotch schnapps and ginger ale combo for the older ones.

Also purchased some really pretty pale pink glass buttons. I might be able to use them with my bamboo yarn. Now I just have to think of what I can make with only four skeins of my pastel and pink yarn. Some sort of v-neck tank?

Easter fabric remnants on sale to make a table runner and place mats that match the wreath your mother made you last year? Check.

Apple magnets for a dollar? Check.

Make sure Mom pays for everything, even though you came up for her birthday and forgot her gift? Check.

Does this qualify as too much fun in JoAnn's? No, and I'll tell you why. During this shopping extravaganza I stubbed my big toe on one of the fabric racks. People, this is the second toe I have skinned by bumping into something. Let me tell you toes bleed. It's like the blood just falls down there and STAYS. I have an insanely high pain tolerance level (Read: I don't realize that I have an ear infection until the ear drum ruptures-kinda high), so I don't really notice that it really hurts for long. I also injure myself on a daily basis, so I tend to ignore injuries.

All that being said, I didn't even look down when I stubbed it. I just continued to contemplate whether or not $12 a yard was enough of a sale to justify purchasing the dragonfly fabric for small curtain in the guest bedroom and if my new budget would allow it. That's when I noticed there was this cool liquid in my flip flops. My bleeding toe had filled the hollow created by toes in foam shoes. I was in awe of the amount bodily fluid a stubbed toe could produce. I know that I would not have a band-aid in my purse, because as soon as they make it there, they are used again with in 5 minutes. What is a girl to do? I called my mom for a band-aid. She was in the fabric section at the other end of the store, I couldn't just walk down there, not without slinging blood everywhere. She did not have a band-aid. So, I hobbled over to the bathroom trying to leak as little as possible on the floor in order to apply compression to my wound. (I learned so much from middle school health class: RICE).

Unfortunately, no amount of compression worked. Thankfully, the JoAnn's staff is well equipped in band-aid's so I didn't bleed to death. Whew! Just enduring the never clotting toe, I think I deserve some more yarn. I wonder where the nearest JoAnn's is....

P.S. I'm told a new yarn shop opened in town. I hoping it is better than the current ones, which all stock Red Heart (that I completely dislike acrylic, because we know it has it's uses). I really want it to stock Rowan's Ribbon Twist and have it on sale!

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