September 13, 2006

Knits in Pajamas

Photos as promised:

Get a load of PoPo's Halloween costume. This costume is Daddy approved. We saw a Spider-man, which just so happens to be one of our favorite superheroes, costume for dogs at wally world, and Daddy said that we already had a superior costume* for her in progress. And I quote, "You need to get cracking on it." End quote. M loves my knitting addiction.

I am a dogosaurus. Fear my partial completion.

But wait! This a duel purpose costume. She can instant transform into a Dog Flower! (Get it? Dog flower? Ha! I'm so clever.) This costume might just have relations to the next generation of Transformers in Beast Wars.

Yarn: Red Heart 100% acrylic in colors lime-ish, hunter green, and grape-ish. Hey, it's for the DOG! and she already has a 100% Italian wool (Berroco) jacket.
Pattern: Paton's Up Country "Another Dog's Life" in the largest size, with some modifications in the chest area, so it doesn't swallow her whole.
Needles: Size 6's for the collar and 7's for the body.

Poppy has not been forgotten, but with the new job (as of last Monday, I am back at the college) knitting time has slowed down, so she is on pause just after splitting for the arms and doing a little shaping. I know that the variegation in the yarn completely nullifies the actual pattern, but I can't stop myself. I normally do NOT like really bright colors, but it seems the closer I approach to my second anniversary, the less I actually care about what is stylish. This is just fun. Fugly to the max if you will. Though, I may actually try this again in a solid color yarn if I like the fit-so far so good.

Oh poppy, your wonderful variegated Bambooness completely drowns this pattern, but I still love you.

Sweet pants! They really go with that top.

Yarn: Royal Bamboo by Pymoth Yarn in color #18 Bright Variety. 5 skeins so far. (substituted for AV's Dianna Yarn)
Pattern: AV's Spring '05 Collection (volume 25) textured tank with cables
Needles: the recommended size

*We only dress you funny because we love you.

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Elaine said...

OK~ I LOVE that M approves of the knit addiction, so great! I love the costume, too cute! Damn, Haloween is coming up, isn't it.. damn, damn, damn... Anywho, I love Poppy and the color!