July 26, 2006

More mail surprises

You'll never guess what came in the mail yesterday!

You would especially never guess that it might be non-fiber related. My BAMBOO yarn arrived! I'm a happy girl. The package contained 6 skiens of Bright Multi for another AV Dianna top. We will see if the yarn substitutes well, it's a little smaller than The AV Dianna yarn ,but this should work well as I am really smaller than the "give" allowed for in the smallest sizes of the pattern. I'm hoping the color mottles well instead of creating a striping effect. Next up, we have the two skiens of pale pink which I planned without thinking to use in making tulip toes, but like I said I wasn't thinking...Type of yarn-HA! I laugh at suggested yarns....Gauge-Phhhh! Since when have I ever followed that? And lastly, the 2 skiens of Pastel Multi, which I have no definite plans for other than owning it.

In actual news, I finished up the second front on Cloud. I got to have a little laugh at the hubby's expense with it though. If you look at the bottom of this picture, you will see the provisional yarn used to make the tubular cast on (in yellow). Well I told the Hubby that I was adding this as "trim," because I thought it helped liven up the pattern. I wish you all could have seen the face he made right before sputtering, "If you add that I won't wear it!" He's been so excited about this project, his crestfallen face was priceless. (I really am Evil incarnate, I know.) Now, all that remains is the back, collar and zipper. This project as been a breeze to work on. I hope the that back goes just as fast. However, I may have to work on my new Bamboo Dianna to "work out the kinks" in knitting collars. ;)

If your living the the Southeast you may be interested in SAFF, which I unfortunately found out about too late (meaning today) and have not been able to concoct a reason to get out of my Grandmother's 82nd birthday party. Dang! Somehow, I just don't think, "Sorry Grandma, you play second fiddle when it comes to fiber and fiber related paraphernalia. Can you manage to wait until after your 84th birthday to give up the ghost?" will go over well. It's really very sad as this is only about 2.5 hours from the house.

Hopefully, the books I ordered from the not-so-local-LYS, will help fill the void in my heart. They are supposed to come in this friday.

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