September 12, 2006

In which I arrive victorious

AKA: I have internet. Finally.

A. Being without the internet can cause serious injury to your psyche.
B. Being with phone and therefore dsl for more than 12 days is really a harrowing experience.
C. Okay not really, but it makes the day really long. Especially, when you are working two jobs-one were you have no access to the interenet or even people on a regular basis. The second job I started yesterday and have internet time and students to boot.

What I really want to do is extol the wonder that is the internet by talking about some of the new patterns at Knitty. Recently, my knitting productivity has gone way down. Mostly due to the never ending move. Think: new house + life without cabinets for a week + a broken water pipe in new cabinets + husband with arm in sling. My reduction was also do to the phone company and lack of the internet (see above). To make a long griping session short-I hate waiting on the phone company. Period.

I hadn't really realized the full extent of the damage done to my knitting mojo until yesterday when I was able to update myself on everyone's progress. Watching others progress enables what very little competitive spirit I have to make faster progress on my own projects. It also encourages me to finish up what I am working on so that I can begin knitting one of the yummy creations I've seen elsewhere. (okay technically, this is not knit, but it is sooooooo dang cute!)

Bringing me to the new Knitty issue. I am with Katie about this new issue. Knitted skirts should be outlawed. (I've only seen one that ever looked good in person and technically, it was crocheted, more than likely store bought and was really more of a see through overlay on a normal knee length fitted skirt. ) I am in love with more than one sweater. Though, my favorites are Serrano, Sherwood and Ivy. Right now I'm not feeling the felted bag look, but I think that due to lack of felting experience more than lack of appeal. But most of all I am in love with Back to School.

I have been craving to make some dish clothes ever since I saw a funky one to which I have no link. Dish cloths are the flat equivalent of socks, and just as useful-if not more so. Also, dish clothes take less yarn so you can make more, as well as, get more bang for your buck. And the best part, you can try any sort lacy or funky pattern you want, without making yet ANOTHER scarf. But what, I wonder, does one make a dishcloth with? Not wool or any other animal hair as it would felt, so I'm guessing cotton or even possibly bamboo. Cotton would seem to fall apart too quickly, but bamboo wouldn't hold much water. And I do love me some bamboo.

Speaking of bamboo-tomorrow, I will have exciting pictures of knitting updates and a little lime green surprise for you all.

p.s. Lack of internet also makes posting very jumpy as your brain is all over the place and running faster than your fingers can type.

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russell said...

9.12.06. "it's gettin' cool time!"

hah! hey, how ya doing? this comment really has nothing to do with your post there. just wanted to say: i got the tunes, thanks!

jen, you are really knockin em outta the park here. from that small sampling i gave you, you have built an empire of cool! ok probably you are just randomly grabbing stuff but damn! now i'm getting stuff *i* haven't even heard of!