July 17, 2006

Died and Gone to Heaven*

I am a happy girl. This weekend was the laziest I have been all summer. There was little to no planned activities. Therefore, there was no extensive amounts of time spent in the truck. ( As new and comfy as it is, spending time sitting makes the lower half of my back go numb. FUN!)

So I could pop in dvds and knit on Ocean, formerly known as Fugly Baby Green, who is now past the halfway mark. (I really should join AA - Acrylics Anonymous.) I haven't been feeling Celia even with all my help from Cat, but maybe if I followed some of her drink directions I'd be feeling something. For that reason, only a little knitting got done and I didn't want to waste your time with pictures of the same thing inches longer. Sorry no pictures!

But the lure of the sunny North Georgia Mountains lead me to out of doors to pick wild blackberries in our yard. I let the PoPoster out to nose around in the woods while the Hubby and I gathered two guarts of those thorny suckers. Then, da da dana! we made them into jelly. Not jam mind you-jelly, which requires a filtration process. We canned a total of four jars (a half recipe).
Where's the fourth jar you ask? The Hubby as already opened it up and is eating it. At. Every. Meal. I am so proud. The longer I live in the mountains, the farther back in time I go and I like it. I canned! Next weekend I am going to make grape and apple jellies, but I'm going to cheat and just start with the unsweeten juice. I figure that's totally acceptable for a newbie. I've only been in the mountains for a year and a half and already the "county" side of me is starting to flourish. (Thankfully, much faster than the geek side of me.) This is not a new phenomenon as I lived in Acworth, GA teaching horseback riding lessons a Girl Scout camp for three summers during high school.

I also got a few pages in the scrapbook done. I'm up to March of 2005 (I was on January 2005) and while that's two months more, it was really only three pages, and lots of planning. While I was hunting for the dates we had snow here last January I came across JenLa's November 2005 entry which contained the word "Hiawassee". I was completely in shock. Jen had appearantly been up near me and not only that she LIVES NEAR ME. A fellow knit blogger NEARBY! Now, I've gone to some of the LYS and asked around about knitting groups, because I figure in a county with the mean age of 65 (I kid you not, my mother researched it on some school/eduational website) there has got to be a knitters club. Wrong. So in a state of happy disbelief, I immediately bombarded her with emails to make sure I could read correctly. (Sorry bout that!) And today I got mentioned on her blog! Wo-Hoo! You know that happy feeling you got in high school when you finally felt like one of the cool kids for a day? That's what I'm feeling now.

And so, while I'm high on life and feeling all cool 'n stuff. I leave you with a picture of Maya doing what she does best. Sit on square things-not round-square, because round things would be absolutely no fun. Chalk it up to licking all those plastic bags.

*Also entitled: Attack of the Parentheses (Because I am Beside Myself).

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La said...

I so HEART your patchwork kitty! Torties are some of my favorite cats. Just ask Sassy!

Yours is beautiful