July 20, 2006

Add another FO to the "Done" List

Gosh where to begin? This week as been full, not busy, but full. You know what I mean? I finally finished Ocean, formerly known as Fugly Baby Green. Everyone at work has been complimenting me on it, which has been really weird for me. I have mixed feeling on this project. When I started it, I realized that the yarn was "drowning" the pattern. (hehehe, drowning/ocean, get it?) Also, it's made from-look away yarn snobs-100% acrylic yarn. But I forged ahead and began to like it anyway, even when my fashion sirens were going off in a bad way.
The detail of how the purl two together creates a little wave.

I just loved the naturally scalloped edge.
I looks extra yummy using the long tail cast on.
So neat and tidy.

Naturally, because I've finished up one project I have five more projects I want to start, but I am being patient. I will wait on my bamboo yarn to arrive that ordered from The Yarn Shop, I ordered Poppy (#40), Pastels, Varie. (#21) and Bright Varie (#18). I emailed the seller and she assured me that it was not seconds, and would be of the same dye lots. I have been burned on this before, Av yarn from Threadbare, but not from a ebay store oddily enough. However, I did promise myself that I would finish at leat one front of M's vest and frog the Weasley sweater, which as turned out to be waaaaayyy to huge for the hubby.
I also want to start crocheting a plastic bag bag. I'm a huge recycler, and normally I take all my plastic bags back to the store to recycle, or find other uses for them, such as trash can liners, but this by far takes the cake. I love it. And I have the perfect plum colored bag to make a beautiful addition to the bag. (I have been hoarding this bag for over 6 months and not taking it to recycle because it is just so pretty.) Anyone else interested in making this with me? I'll give updates and post pictures along the way! It should be a fun and easy "knit."

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lexa said...

I think your blanket is pretty! I love patterns that form a scalloped edge.

I've seen those bags on various blogs. Really neat - cool way to recycle!