June 22, 2006


My husband says that I have a Harry Potter addiction, but I disagree. I mean it's not like I have a shelf in the house dedicated to the books. Or that I have bought 4 Harry potter trading card packs, only to find out that they are more "Magic"ish than I would rather admit, and realized after some research that I didn't have the Start-up set and bought it on ebay, so I could actually PLAY. Or been upset when I found out that after I ordered it, I could have gotten 5 start-ups, and at least 20 packs (8 cards per pack) from the expansions for MUCH less. Or that I would dress up to see the fourth movie and possibly compel my husband to dress up with me for the 5th movie by promising him Weasley Sweater or anything. (Which would never be knitted past the armhole split on the front.)

I mean really, who would be that nerdy? Certainly not I. After all I only got a 14.39842% on the geek-test. Anyone could get that.

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