June 26, 2006

Non-knitting Post

This past weekend has been pretty uneventful. I've made some knitting progress on the Fugly Blanket, sixteen inches to be exact, (FB to be renamed Ocean because of the colors and waves in the pattern) and used a whole skein of my knitpicks yarn on one of the front halves of Cloud. The Hubby and I went zipper shopping, but did not find the appropriate zipper and after all the work that will go into this, I'm not having him NOT wear it because of the wrong zipper. But enough knitting talk. (I know that last sentence should be blasphemy.)

What I really want to blog about are the kick a$$ shoes I bought in Myrtle Beach. I decided that because I had a desk job at my last two jobs and have another desk job currently, I could afford the luxury of some killer heels. (Plus, I finally have a permanent date, who will always be taller than me, even in 4" inches. I'm 5'8") They were originally prices $54.99 and were marked down to $19.99. So I bought them.

They are a size 8.5; In open backed shoes I wear an 8. I don't currently own any dress shoes with backs. I slipped around a little in the left one while walking around the store in them which I didn't think much about as my left foot is really an 8. I liked that they didn't make my feet hurt and managed to somehow not make my foot look gianormous. I thought fix the slippage on the left foot with a little new product I just found out about-molefoam. Comfy! So I bought them and made upon my merry way. All the way back to Georgia.

Anyone starting to see the beginning of a problem? I decided to get my killer shoes out of the box back home and trot around the house in them. Just for kicks. That's when I noticed my right foot was slipping too. My right foot is my bigger foot. These shoes are a half size too big for my right foot. Ut-oh. No biggie, I'll just run to the store now and get that molefoam. I think to myself. Then not only will my shoes fit, but I'll have heels that will be comfortable! Patting myself on the back for my brilliant brain power.

Return with molefoam now cut and pasted into the backs of the heels. I like to put the moleskin/foam in the shoes because I am 1) allergic to adhesive and 2)I don't have to worry about remembering to put it on my feet before wearing "this" pair of heels. I have done this with another pair of shoes and it has worked famously. Unfortunately, this time it does NOT fix the problem. The foam doesn't adhere well and curls up when I slide my heel in. And as an added bonus, it also pushes the heel out farther away from my foot making it easier to slip in and out of the shoe, which twists the foam up worse than before.

I can't return the shoes, because I bought them from a factory outlet in Myrtle Beach, but I don't want to attach anything to the shoe that would make them completely unreturnable. (I'd like to just swap them out for a smaller size.) It's been suggested to me to use the adhesive shower strips on the inside of the shoe to decrease slippage. I've tried, briefly, to stuff the toes and push my heel farther back-OUCH! I wanted to try Dr. Scholl's gel inserts to see if that helped fill in the gaps, but forgot to pick them up at Walmart the other day. (Walmart is a big hour round trip, so I don't like to go for just one thing.)

Anyone have any other ideas before these shoes regrettably get sold on ebay? I really would like to keep them. Help me please!

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