May 18, 2006

I Got Your Knitting

I got it right here....

The new job allows me to knit at work. This is prolly why it doesn't pay much but, I haven't been happier at work. Last summer after the Hubby and I got married, I got a temporary job (approximately 4 weeks) as switchboard operator at his college. It's typically student work, if that tells you anything about it. So thankfully, after the meltdown of my previous work I had a job the next day. Everyone in the building welcomed me back. They were all bright smiles and happy to see me. The Head of the Admissions Department was glad to see me and offered me the job for all summer, so I have until August. I just thank the Lord above that he has provided this for me. But back to the knitting, which I know you all find infinitely more exciting.

The Weasley Sweater as progressed to a length of 14 inches. Last time I got the Hubby to spread it out for me, but he's watching King Kong....away my hand is now the comparison. And needless to say his hands are larger than mine.

This is three skiens knitted in the round. I will prolly have to order more yarn to finish it, as I only have four skiens left. (Including the one in the upper lefthand corner of this shot.) The Hubby is tall so this is not quite to the armpits yet, and I have no sleeves. I hope the next dye matches closely. YIPES!

Moving on. I told myself that I would finish the Weasley before starting on my D.V. mucho mucho $ "shirt." But I had all those hours at work to fill and the yarn was calling my name. (Really, it said Jen that highland wool is soooo scratchy! You live in GEORGIA for crying out loud! It's nearly summer AND I'm a cotton, microfiber blend-perfect for summer. KNIT ME!)

So I caved, but only for a swatch. Here's most of the first skien knitted (with shaping peoples!!) as the beginnings of the back.

Originally, this yarn was called Maize, but it's kind of a pale corn color. Like the the white/sweet corn we eat here in the south. I typically use the name/color of the yarn has the name of my design, unless it's astupid name or the design is already named. In this case, the yarn is named Dianna in Maize, didn't really fit. So I have rechristened this D.V. design as Sun Beam, because it reminds me of the summer sun. It makes me think of when you can see a ray of sun coming through a window, the kind that lures a cat in to doze.

So, if my fingers will keep up with me I'll have MORE finished projects to show you soon!

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