May 27, 2006

Sucker for "cute"

In a shameless attempt to attract more readers and become more popular (which is the one high school trait I have yet to grow out of, at least on the web), I am applying for knitting kitty webring. I figure I knit. I have cats. I just paid homage to one of them. I most definitely believe that I qaulify. And it has the cutest button? How can I resist?

PoPo has yet to let on if she will thwart any application processes or instead if she will demand that I also join Purling Puppies webring. I may have to concede to the second option if she grows impatient with me. After all she is the bestest, pupsteroo ever! And besides, they also have a cute button. (Kinda reminds me of the Hello Kitty characters.)

I'm a sucker for cute. After all I have three adopted animals, picked by their pathetic adorableness. It's why I own Maya, ('nough said). It's why Sir Nigel is now my hubby's fav cat. It's why I picked out the runt of the litter that is now PoPo. That's why we spent over two hundred dollars on a cat we no longer own. ( I don't believe I've ever posted about Link's missing, it's just too sad.) We can't stop ourselves. Those little eyes look at you, the eyebrows go all wiggley, sometimes, if your lucky, a little animal noise comes out and I go all melty.

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