November 28, 2005

I'll take missing tails for $200

Maggie went to the vet's today. She was a trooper meaning that she did not whine pitifully, or shake or anything. She was as cool as cucumber. She is free and clear of all feline transmitted diseases and testicles. The vet's office has informed me that there were testicles involved, but they were quickly removed. What?! In my defense I would like to state that the stank of cat feces would keep even the least olfactory oriented person away from the hind quaters of that animal- meaning even my husband, the man without the ability to smell most fragrances, determined Maggie to be stanky. But I guess we have to rename her, oops, him again. I mean it would be just cruel to leave with a tranvestite name. We will take bids on the matter.

The In-laws (on both sides) are for MB (i.e., Muddy Butt). I like the name Sentry, but would except a cool W name, like Winky. Yes, Winky is cool. The husband is for TC 2.0; for those of you who don't know my parents "adopted" a stray kitty without a tail around two years ago and named him, TC, as in Tailless Cat. You are wondering why we would use the upgraded name? As it turns out the problems with the tail involve dead tissue. Lots of it. It seems the Vet thought it best to remove it. So removed it was, and now we have a $200 cat, minus the tail.

We can pick him up tomorrow.

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