May 29, 2006

Maya turns 6

I can't believe my baby is six. It hasn't been long enough for her to be that old. Am I really old enough to have a six year old? I'm only 25.

For those of you out there who don't know me, Maya is my first born-cat. I raised orphaned Maya from a day old. I fed her every 4 hours, even at night, and simulated Mama Cat's cleaning tongue for potty breaks. I paid for her Vet bills, litter, and toys to keep her happy. I even brought home another cat so she wouldn't be lonely when I went to college. (Okay, so she wasn't so happy about that and, in fact, would prefer if she had been a one cat household.)

Well Happy Birthday Day** Maya. I won't get you any treats, 'cause you won't eat them anyway. I won't get you anymore catnip, because it makes your brother mean to you. And I won't dress you up in funny outfits, even though I may want to.

**Maya's birthday was the 23rd of May, but she is a cat and doesn't know that I forgot.


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Leslie said...


Red Dog Knits - Kristi and Otis said...

Happy b-day Maya! What a gorgeous cat with very cool markings. Thanks for the dog sweater recommendations, I'm planing to check them out this weekend.

Teri said...

Ok, so the "God-Mother" is even later than Mom...but Happy Birthday Maya! I know Mommy was good to you!