April 30, 2006

Things I've learned about knitting

1. I am a tight knitter.
2. Metal/aluminum needles work best for this affliction.
3. I am a slow knitter
4. I cope with this by making small and/or short projects.
5. I always want to make gorgeous projects, but do not have the patience for them (i.e. numbers 3 & 4)
6. I dislike dpns and will use circular needles if the option is available. So much so, that I will purchase teeny, tiny needles to avoid dpns.
7. Cabling is gorgeous, but has the ability to drive me nuts.
8. As the husband noticed prior to our wedding, I have an innate ability to pick out the most expensive item on the webpage/magazine page/store/etc. This prolly why I love the look of Adrienne Vittadini's knits and "her" yarn.
9. Ditto for Debbie Bliss patterns and yarn.
10. I do not make enough money for this hobby.
11. I will continue to knit even when the odds are stacked against me.
12. I should prolly take a class on knitting.

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