May 3, 2006

Big Girl Knits

I did it. I purchased fancy schmancy designer yarn (of course I went discount shopping-lets not be hasty.) I ordered 5 skeins of the Adrienne Vittadini's "Dianna"yarn in color number 028, i.e. maize from Threadbear. I was a little nervous about ordering online again for the first time since I discovered my credit card number was somehow stolen. Thank goodness I check my credit card status/bill online regularly.

Anyway, since the website doesn't have the ability to purchase online I sent them a little note via the email address they left for contact. I told them what I would like to purchase, but that I would prefer to have a comfirmation email sent back prior to giving out any personal information. So, I got the best little note back from them! I'll post it for your review.

Hi Jennifer!
Thanks so much for your note and for your interest in our good things for knitters! I'm always glad to help with a little enabling! (especially a fellow dawg!)*
I have everything wrapped and ready to head out--just call the shop (toll free) at 866-939-BEAR and we can get payment and billing information from you. Ask for Sabrina (unless you get a male voice), and she can fix everything right up!
Enjoy the yarn--it's LOVELY to work with!

I called them tonight (yes, they were open at 8:30pm EST!) and told them everything they needed over the phone. I highly recommend using them as so far I have had a wonderful experience with them. Wish me luck. I am going to try this before progress to this, and this (right) and finally this.

*I went to UGA for six years (two degrees), and have kept my UGA email address. Ergo, Rob can tell I'm a Georgia Dawg.

P.S. Rob just called me to double check my order, since I had not spoken directly with him or Sabrina last time. He says my stuff should be to me by monday!!!

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