April 2, 2006

The Mysterious Manous Manor, Tube Scarves and Self Tanning Lotion

I had been working like maniac on a smaller, rounder version of the purses in my last entry, per the request of Vanessa's mom, who, by the way, said that she would pay me for it and I like an idiot said, "No, don't worry about it. I'd love to make her one," which was all true, as she was my muse for the project to begin with, but I could have actually been PAID to do something I like and I turn in down. (Beat that run-on sentence!) Go Figure. So now, I am now working on completing a furry tube scarf for Vanessa to match. Try to think of something similar to a boa, rather than say...a disembodied muppet.

Also, the mother of the two little girls, who were the recipients of the two original purses, got them Saturday around 12:20. I unforunately missed the call and recieved a voicemail instead, but she sounded very relieved. Like, it actually did make her day a little brighter. I was so happy. I was probably happier than she was-which cemented my plans, like Amelie, I will become a do-gooder, but with handmade gifts.

In other news , 1. Props to the USPS, who told me my overnight purse package would arrive at approximately 12:18. and it did. And 2. I got word on the gift sweater for Noel, the chihuahua. It was too large, but it did happen to fit Honey, the miniature poodle, owed by Noel's Grandma. (i.e. for you people who don't think pets are children, that would by Noel's Owner's Monther's Dog-see how much easier it was to write Noel's Grandma?) I am happy someone is now loving it, as all knitters desire to think of their handmade gifts.

And lastly, for your reading pleasure-A MYSTERY!!

Why when I come home after work everyday, am I finding the craftroom door ajar like this? Is there a yarn thief in the Mountains of North Georgia? Has some crazed scrapbooking stalker picked me for her next victim? Does my husband really hate my hobbies with a passion? Is our central heating and air so powerful it opens doors and if it can open doors am I really safe from possible explosion? And why in the seven levels of hell is my craftroom door not staying shut? Stay turned for the answer to this riddle and more...

(Sorry people, this is the best shot I could get. I stood against the opposite hall wall rather than opening the front door and showing my hispanic neighbors my very pasty naked legs. No, not for that reason, perv, but rather I am in the middle of applying Clinique's Self-Tanning Lotion. Works fabulously on winterized legs, such as mine. Do you like that verbage? "Winterized" as opposed to so-horribly- pale-that-I-can-see- the-purple-veins-beginning-to-show-through.

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Leslie said...

It's like a Harry Potter movie :)