March 28, 2006

I should be washing my hair

Yes, I realize that's its 8:09 in the am and that I am trying on my blog rather than, say, getting ready for work. I've got priorities people! (And yes again, most of my priorities are egocentric. What can I say? I'm human.)

Last night I finished the purses for the little girls! I was prolly supposed to have finished them by their birthdays, but the mother has been struck down by bad luck. Worse than that actually, She lost her job for being generous to her family. I can tell you the whole story because she doesn't read my blog (some friend-hurmph!), but not right now as I stated earlier I need to leave for work soon, like in 20 minutes soon. So I'm hoping that this little piece of surprise mail will cheer her up. As a she is single mother who adores her children; I'm sure the gifts for them will be welcome.

I'd post a picture but the ditigal camera's batteries are dead. I am getting batteries tonight...

8:33p.m. Hello Wal-Mart! I truly do adore you. You are almost as high up as The Almighty in the scale of things I am devout to. You surpass salmon, which I have tried to eat every night I've gone out to eat, and quite frankly it's been a lot. Repeat the following mantra after me: I will not spend less than $100.00 every time I enter the area of devotion. I will not spend less than $100.00 every time I enter the area of devotion. I will not spend less than $100.00 every time I enter the area of devotion...

So you get the point that I might spend some pocket change at Wal-Mart, and you might even start to understand the concidental headaches M gets and my trips to Wal-Mart. BUT the good news is that I got batteries.

And you know what that means...PICTURES!!

Okay, so first we have the required (though technically dubbed) blah shot to showcase my wonders.

Laying on top of these frightenly garish totes is an Adavantix 24mm film case for scale purposes only. I swear. Citrus, the yellow tote is for the younger just turned 5 y.o. in February, whose fave color is-you guessed it, YELLOW! Confetti, the purple tote is for the older just turned 6 y.o. in March, whose fave color is-you guessed it again, Purple!

The free pattern was half the inspiration for these totes, but the other was my baby sitting charge from the other week. Vanessa, age 3, had donned no less than 6 hair bow/clips in every color of the rainbow and had a ponytail band that can only be described as ballerina-ish. The mother (and also my former boss) said just putting in thse FEW was a fight. I might have also forgot to mention that Vanessa was wearing a Barbie sweater; said sweater had a purple body with a large stylized Barbie Heart Logo and rainbow colored sleeves. It was one of those outfits that you see repeated in the photo albums and ask you mother, "Why on earth did you let me out of the house in that?" To which she replies, "Because I couldn't get you out if it!" It made me think back to my photos and my 5 y.o. fashion "taste." The gist of which was to make sure it was bright and multi-colored.

Next I will show case Citrus, upclose and personal. These bags are very simply single chain crochet after single chain crochet. I also chose to just make the whole top of the purse furry rather than have the fuzz overlap as a decorative border as the pattern directs, because when you're five you want the maximum fur-to-hand contact ratio you can get. As an added bonus, it takes out about tens rows of boring yarn. YEAH!

I am sending out Citrus and Confetti (see upclose below) to their new homes tomorrow. I will overnight them. As I eluded to earlier today the mother of the two girls is a single mom, who has hit some hard times. She got married about a month after her high school graduation to her long term boyfriend (who was ten years her senior) and got pregnant on her honeymoon, and then 11 months later accidently got pregnant again. We'll just call her very fertile. As much as a joy the babies were, they unfortunately got in the way of going to college. Then she got divorced, because it turns out hubby is an alcoholic. So she moved far away from him (YEAH!!!) and got a job working for a self-storage company. Not all that glamorous or high paying, but it came with a very nice, very secure and very free 2 bedroom, 1 bath house in the middle of the city. It was a good place to be if you are trying to go back to school eventually. The problem occurs when a new manager is hired who goes about slowly firing those persons he did not hire and he finds a loop hole in the company policy about letting YOUR PARENTS stay with you while they are in between jobs (who until coincidently had just left the same self-storage job). JERK!

So as small the gift is I'm hoping it will bring her some small consolation. It will at least be a nice surprise in the mail to let her know I care and brighten what may have been a dark day.

P.S. I have finished one set of mittens and have yet to start the second pair, but I figure those can be a later surprise in the mail. And the scarves a third.

P.P.S. I also received a request for another purse for none other than Vanessa! So I will be busy getting that done quickly.

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Teri said...

These are absolutely adorable! I almost want to say that I want one for myself! The girls are going to LOVE them! You do such good work...btw, any future presents from you MUST be hand-made! LOL

Love ya girl!