March 9, 2006

This one's for you, Leslie

(i.e. Concerning Sweaters and Buttons)

Well, I have been asked to post actually finished projects, instead of just showing you the tantalizing beginnings. And by that, I mean the yarn I buy and telling you of what I plan to make. You'll just have to trust me that I actually accomplish some finished projects throughout the year. Or bug me to post pictures. The latter being so much more fun for you....So, without further ado, I give you the Gift Doggie Sweater:

Here my 12 lb. cat, Nigel models it for you, ontop of the couch we are throwing out. (Ignore the fact that it is circa 1980 WITH colonial blue and peach coloring.)

Nigel is a total stud muffin. You can tell by his clothes, because erm....he's so hot the sweater is shrinking on him. Yes, that's the ticket! It could not possibly be that the sweater is for a much smaller dog. (I hope.)

Still, I am a proud Mama. I cabled it all by myself. I wanted to try the sweater design for PoPo, but did not want to make a full-sized, altered pattern without first trying to cable while retaining the shape. So I made the smallest size given and hunted for a friend with a small naked dog. Possibly even a friend with said dog, who would not mind clothing he/she/it. I hit the jackpot! My girlfriend Allison, has a chihuahua named Noel, who would love a handknit sweater. I'm not sure of Noel's dimensions, but I believe her to be smaller than my behemoth cat. Nigel is not fat. He's just big. (Don't look at my hair. It's short and unstyled. It's designed for a specific style, which is promptly brushed out and put up when I get home. That is assuming I have actually managed to weild the blowdryer and apppropriate goop in the morning.)

In other news, I have yet to recieve any word on the pending webring application. I'm not really sure how it works. If nothing else I can post their button just because I like it. And I shall. (Also, it lets me cheat and post it in the said bar, with a lot of photohosting hoopla.)

1 comment:

Leslie said...

Thank you very much!!! I think he looks stylish in that sweater. I think Nigel is screaming for you to keep it for him :)
I also think Charlie could use some booties fot those wet mornings like this morning. They don't require much yarn and since you are starting new projects, it might be something to consider. HEHEHEHE