April 26, 2006

How to tell you are an OCD Knitter...

Step 1. Prior to almost finishing a baby hat lose your crochet hook (used for seaming) down the side of your Knitting Chair, or in this case Knitting Recliner. (And take a picture.)

Step 2. Turn your Recliner/Chair over in search for the crochet hooket you lost, even through it would be ten times easier to just get the identical one you have in the craftroom. (And take a picture.)

Step 3. Assemble tools necessary, including but not limited to the vaccum cleaner, a hammer, a flashlight and your trusty staple gun. I would have preferred to have a strong magnet on hand, but that seemed a little extreme. Plus, I think the hook is aluminum. (And take a picture.)

Step 4. Rip the cloth from the underside of the recliner/chair in search of the wayward crochet hook, instead of getting the identical one out of the craftroom. At this point you may have slight feelings of vengeance toward the chair. (And take a picture.)

Step 5. Get a tingling at the back of your skull as you photo graph the junky inside of your chair for viewers that this may be a little out there and quickly push the thought aside. Right now you are winning the battle. After all, the recliner/chair is the one with its insides exposed. The hook tip is just visible below the scrap of colorful yarn that also fell victim to the recliner/chair crevase (And take a picture.)

Step 6. Hold one of an identical pair of hooks aloft, while you join yourself in a small freedom from the tyrannical Recliner/Chair dance. (And take a picture.)

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