April 21, 2006


Before we get into the nitty gritty of just what you are invited to, I am posting the link, Baby, You Mean the World of Warcraft To Me, that was emailed to me by my husband. All those cool gals married to nerds, can I get a "Woop Woop?" Yes, I speak ghetto. Moving on.

You are invited to The World's Sweetest, Nerdiest Husband's Birthday Party.

Mark you calendars people for May 13th. We will be having the manly meal of burgers n' cake at our place. Cooking starts at 2pm. Drinking may start the evening before as I run around in a panic cleaning the house at the last minute. No presents are necessary. Be there or be square. (Yes, I stated that in the same breath as the Woop! Woop! slang.)

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