March 12, 2006

It Must Stop!

I am on a stash hoarding high and I can't seem to stop. Don't tell the hubby, but today I bought more knitting supplies, it's a magazine/book of patterns for knitting. I think the manneqiuns look like me (i.e. they are waaay too skinny, they have small boobs and they have bad posture) and I hoping the designs they portray will look similar on me. I will give credit, or blame, where they are due. Domesticat is responsible for my splurging. I blundered my way onto her site by using the random button found under the Southern Knit Bloggers webring link on the right. She had a wonderful ablility to pick exactly what I would like without knowing it. Plus, she had a handly little link to where I could purchase said designs. Really, the webshop should be giving her some royalties or something. The magazine itself not too expensive; only $14.95(including shipping) for ten patterns, three of which I desire to make. The problem comes in when I need to buy more yarn. Y'all yarn is expensive and to knit the above desirable ojbects I need lots of it. Lots.

I am progressing on the "knitting" front though. I have completed the first of two little girls' purses. It's crocheted, it's made with cheap yarn, it's quick. It comes with matching mittens and scarf, because I cannot possible keep the red heart yarn in with my house. This purse and mitten set is yellow with citrus fringe, the scarf will be plain as I have no fun fur left.
Actually, it's quite garish. However I believe the girls will L-O-V-E it. I have taken to observing both in my old pictures and Vanessa (the boss's oh-so-cute-you-just-want-to-snuggle-her-up-and-keep-her three year old) bright, contrasting colors are cool. Y'all I was a child in the eighties, it's called rainbow tye-dye, and it's in all my favorite outfits. I know this because I ask my mother, Why did you let me wear that?! And she always responses, You loved that outfit. I couldn't get you out if it. You want proof? I'd post a picture, but somehow I have let the digital camera RUN OUT OF BATTERIES!! Please try not to go into shock and remain calm. I will post pictures soon (of the purse, not of my five year old fashion sense).

I started on the gift scarf. It has a ton of cabling. It's driving my nuts. The pattern is 16 lines, 8 of those involve cabling four or more times. I love the look of the saxon braid, and I know the gift reciever will too. I just hope after frogging the first 8 lines FOUR, count them FOUR, times he won't care that the bottom left corner is kinda wonky. I'm not fixing it. The rest of the braid looks fine, but I can only do one repeat of the pattern a day. I figure I'll need about 30 repeats to complete the scarf. So lets do the math. Doing one repeat a day for 30 repeats, I can finish this scarf in one month. It is sooooo going to be a Christmas present. And my dad better not request the same one. (He loves celtic-ish designs, thankfully he doesn't wear many scarves.) The good news is that microspun yarn is deliciously soft and cheap. I bought three skeins at $2.49 a skein, but I doubt I'll need that much.

I am trying to work on Leaf, but the pattern is very repeatitive and very boring. After I finish the front, I am hoping that the sleeves will go quickly. I should have altered the pattern to knit in the round, so that the endless stockinette stitch would go faster. Ah, hindsight is 20-20.

The Weasley sweater kit is ordered. I'm hoping for it to arrive any day now. I checked my credit card statement, and the exchange rate somehow allowed it to be less than $30.00 for the largest package. I should get royalties for how much advertizing I am giving these people. I will let you know if it has all been worth it.

I finally finished "pasting and gluing" all my wedding pictures on to pages. And I ordered the second album, because the first did not holf all my photos. Now all that's left to is journal in them. That's a nerve racking idea, but can always be put off. Which of course means that it will be put off for quite some time.

Wish Me Luck.

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Leslie said...

You must stop the madness!!!!!!!! I like the stuff on the domesticat website (with all the skinny models.) I would finish the leaf pattern and, I don't know, WEAR IT!! before you start those open front vest things. I can't wait to see Matt in his new garb. The big M is what I think I'll like most. And there was nothing wrong with the tye dye era. I lived in it too!!!