March 25, 2006

The joys of adulthood

One of the paramount undertakings of my going to college was the meal plan. This may sound a little odd as eating is the most mundane task most college kids participate in. But for me it was the height of supremacy. I could have Captain Crunch for breakfast if I wanted to. No more Mom putting cereals with less than 10 sugars in front of me. Pop Tarts, sure! No more healthy whole-wheat-with-real-fruit-inside bars pretending to be breakfast bars. Icecream with a coke for dinner-Dive right in! I could overthrow the Mother's Teachings, which also believed icecream was a special treat and coke was rarely bought. I could have eaten my freshman fifteen right up to freshman thirty.

But alas, my Mother's Teaching had already stuck. A plate heaping with italian flat green beans with a glass of sweet tea for dinner was like dessert come first. Oh, they're serving vegetable soup for Lunch and Dinner. I wonder if I can find a good whole wheat roll to dunk instead of those saltines... She has ruined me for life.

Now my family, consisting of my husband and I, enjoy lentil soups because legumes are an excellent replacement for meat, of which Americans consume way too much. (M being the number one consumer). We eat things that contain vegetables in several nonfried forms. We buy wholewheat bread, 2% milk (more calcium), non-concentrated juice and lean meats. We don't have several bags of chips laying around for snacking, instead we have peanuts and fruit. We don't have sugary cereals for breakfast; we have varieties of raisin bran (Raisin bran crunch for him, plain raisin bran for me). We rarely have a carbonated beverage in the house. God forbid any icecream enter our freezer. Until last night...

I broke. I had to have some icecream. I could not go on living until I had some icecream. I blame it on the cold snap (we are getting snow flurries today). Don't ask me why cold weather makes me want to eat cold things. It just does. So at 8pm last night I convinced the sweety to go with my to Ingles. (That's the only grocery store for hours people, not miles, hours!!) I was in a good mood, we stockpiled all things sugary. 1/2 gallon of Beyers fudge brownie swirl, two bages of sugar wayfers, chocolate syrup, maple syrup and a bag of tostito's for chips and salsa later. Y'all I spent $12.00 and change on crap.

My college roommates would be so proud. (As an aside entitled "The first time I went grocery shopping with UGAtweety." We had just come off the chip isle with a bag or two for lunch and where headed down the cookie and juice isle, which is not coincidently one right afer the other. When she grabbed a bag of cookies as well. With a look of horror to the pure abomination of healthy eating that was occuring, I told her she could not buy chips and cookies at the same time. Her laughter only died down after she realized I was serious. She snorted "Watch me," as only she can. I had to concede my loss this round and we finished shopping. I would like to note that I won later rounds in making her a healthy eater.)

Today I ate sugar wayfers for breakfast. Let me rephrase that. I FINISHED one bag of sugar wayfers for breakfast. I have an upset stomache. Perhaps I should have had somemore icecream instead.

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Leslie said...

HA!!!! I bet Matt was elated at the high volumes of sugar intake. Sugar wafers, Jen?? You should be ashamed. And, I got chips and cookies that took us about 2 weeks to go through. Not one sitting. So there!! :)