March 22, 2006

computer hiatus

Is it possible in this day and age to see too much of a computer? Yes. I know this for a fact, because tomorrow we have an audit at work. Meaning the company that insures the attorney, i.e. my boss, comes to town and makes sure he's doing what he was supposed to be doing. Sometimes this is the case. Sometimes it is not.

For example, yesterday the soon-to-be-ex-employee comes to me at 4:45pm and begins to demonstrate how to reconcile our escrow account. (In non-work jargon, she makes our computer program match the bank statement.) This is okay, I learn quick. The problem enters when she hands me the statements from March of last year to February of this year and says, "You can get these done before tomorrow right?"

To which I articulately reply, "Ummmmm..." while thinking, I'm supposed to have 12 bank statements to closings and accounts I've never even seen before mathematically correct? On top of my 10am closing?* I was more than a little peeved, but being the coward that I am and having a total dislike for confrontation, I finish with, "Sure. I'll try to."

"Good, because I won't be here tomorrow," says the ex-coworker who was supposed to have these all accounted for last month (along with all the "problem" files that have done untouched, but I digress). Can you see why she is no-longer an employee. We have an AUDIT BY OUR INSURANCE COMPANY and she doesn't have this shit together!!! ARGH! Needless to say, after starting at a computer screen all day without moving, I'm not really in the mood to do anything at home, much less stare at the computer screen some more, however infinitely better the read.

Not much on the knitting front. I got up to three repeats on the saxon braid scarf, before I realized the wonky stitches were from my tendancy to skim bits on the pattern rather than say actually read the pattern. Whoops! Good thing I'm not a prefectionist, because honey, those bits are not getting redone. Especially after it took me like 7 times to get the first 4 rows right. It's slow work when I must take time to read the pattern, line by line.

I progressed to the front of Leaf. I was about half way through the front and began comparing it to the back so that things in the pattern would line up correctly, when I noticed IT. Once again, I had skimmed the pattern and decreased too early on the back, putting the arm holes by the waistline. Whoopsey! So the back will have to be redone for the top 11 inches. Also, I began to notice something ELSE during this comparison. Leaf may be a tad bit small (in width), but I'm hoping blocking will fit it. Can you block a 100% acrylic yarn? I'm hoping so. If not, this will be a learning process. Oh well, I always knew the first sweater would be the hardest. Good thing I haven't started on M's Wealsey Sweater. AHAHAHAH! We will see how well that goes.

*Closing=Clientele meeting with money being disbursed, sometimes to banks who tend to like specific and correct amounts.

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