February 2, 2006

WIP #2 & #3

So the greecian sweater is coming along. I'd say nicely, but somehow the shaping is all off. I'm hoping to fix it during the blocking phase, were one wets the garment and pulls is gently into the right shape. Never the less, I am determined to finish it and wear it. I'm very excited about it. 100% acrylic, and I love it, baby. I've knitted with expensive yarns and not so expensive yarns-and I've come to the conclusion that I think wool is for the most part- itchy. Alpaca wool is soft, but come on people, I live in GEORGIA. The stores run out of bread eggs amd milk when we get flurries. (On a side tangent; I've never undertood why bread, eggs and milk? I mean if the apocolypse comes in the the form of snow; Somehow milk will see you through? Or perhaps you can consume massive amounts of eggs to get by? And bread? Come on people, we need NON-perishable goods in times of desperation and snow flurries! moving on...) Therefore, wool is not a good choice of yarn. That being said, I perfer the acrylics. Plus, it smells much less like sheep, goats, or llamas, take your pick.

I've been trying out a new stitch I have renamed Greecian Plait, after the pattern I am using rather than it's boring "Cross Stitch" label and to reduce the confusion about what kind of project I am working on. Below is a picture of what the Greecian Plait should look like and the slanted edge of my work.

I'm afraid that my camera does not allow me any closer to give you better defintion, but you can see (hopefully) that it has a braided look. Perhaps another picture of my work will help you (and in no way be showing of how proud I am of myself).

This is the front half of the sweater and it's almost complete; I have finished the arm hole decreases and only lack the neck line area. Then I start the back, which is identical. So hopefully, I can pick the better of the two to be the front....

PoPo's "Boss Twead" Sweater is moving along swimmingly. I just bought some cheap, but soft and pretty, baby blue cotton yarn and modified the pattern to be able to knit in the round. It is going quite fast. I will be very sorry when I have to switch it back to a "flat" knit. I do not plan on blocking it, as I did for the Puppy Panache, because really, it's just a sweater for my dog, to which I am adding a zipper for fun...I will post a picture when I get to that stage, because one can't really take a good photo of a partically completed dog sweater in the round. Really.

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