January 16, 2006

Oh, but I have!

okay so maybe I don't stack things on my cats, but I do knit my dog clothing. PoPo, say hello to everyone. Everyone, say hello the frilliest American PitBull Terrier you'll ever meet. She loves sweaters. And now she has a fancy Italian Jacket.

The yarn alone cost me $35.00. The body is a hand-dyed wool from Berroco's line Foliage in "Chinese Lantern," and the collar is Berroco's Chinchilla yarn (100% Rayon baby!) in "Persimmon." I special ordered these yarns from Savannah. Overboard much? Yes. Moving right along, here are some detail photos.

Gotta love that Stockinet stitch baby!

MMMM, fuzzy acrylic yarn....

Yes, that is a faux wood button! How smart of you to notice. I thought it added a nice complementary contrast to the jacket. Plus, who wouldn't pair a yarn called Foliage with a wood button. They were made for each other.

Isn't she gorgeous?!

Loooook into my eyes...Looooook into my eyes, I will you to give me more treats, PoPo the Supervillian.

Fine, don't give me anymore treats! But I won't look at you if you don't. I present you with The Butt!

Are we done yet? Noooow, can I have some treats? Pah-lease!

For those of you who are not fimilar with the PoPo-ster, I have an humorous aside. I named after one of the many nicknames for the police. However, last summer during my Educational Pyschology class, one of my classmates, who is german, pointed out that the german translation of PoPo is "butt." GREAAAT.... Then, while M and I were watching LOST this season, we discovered the Korean translation of PoPo is "a kiss." Much better! Unfortunately, when you put all three meaning together you get-Police kiss butt. And I'll leave you to ponder that.

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