February 12, 2006

Death and Taxes

You all have heard the phrase. Normally, my taxes are simple as farting. There's really no thought put into it at all. Today death=taxes; those have the same meaning for me. Just shoot me if I ever try to do my own taxes again.

The taxes have me beat. I hate them with a passion. First off, I received a 1099-MISC form for a 3 week long job at YHC. The Federal Government, is now telling me I own a business and I must file a "Schedule C." WHAT?! Then, I dealt with interest from all sorts of accounts. (I'm telling you saving for retirement is a bitch; You'd practically better off hiding the money in the freezer.) And for all my efforts, the husband and I are only getting $12.00 back from the State. Oh rejoice to the Heavens above! We can retire soon!

But the real kicker is when I spent over an hour online to finally get to the end of TURBOTAX(c) to read that my hard work has to be verified and approved. Well damn, if I had known that I might have just gone to the damn CPA and spent the damn money and not worried about a damn thing.

Damn it.

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Emma said...

But just think about it, Jen. You were able to do it, and next year it won't be so complicated. As soon as you stop having 7 jobs each year, it won't be so hard. Keep a job from Jan-Dec, and it will all be a breeze. And if my 1099s aren't that much money (i got one for 99 cents), then I pretend they didn't come at all. Roth IRAs all the way...