February 15, 2006

Things my Husband thought his wife would never do...

And oddily enough, it's something he prays I do all the time. Knit for the dog. Yes folks, my husband enjoys the fact that I dress up our dog. He was resistant to the fact at first, but then when I started knitting the clothes, instead of just buying them. JACKPOT!! He realized that the more I dote upon the beasts who occupy most of the bed space, the more Warcraft time he would receive...Let's just say he has learned to ohh and ahh in the right pauses during show and tell.

Here is PoPo trying on "Boss Tweed". It's slightly big, as I was trying to accomodate her barrell chest and had to use the ex-large pattern. But I figure in all her hairlessness, big=roomy=warm, and she'll appreciate it when she goes potty on cold mornings.

In this picture you can see were I will put in a zipper for added style, once the piece is finished. This is in no way where I decided to alter the pattern to knit in the round rather than back and forth, back and forth...(Note to readers, you can also see where PoPo is hairless on her belly. We do not know why she has a permenant partial naked condition. This is why she needs more sweaters.)

PoPo looks depressed here, but she really loves the sweater. Really. Anyone who knows her will tell you, it's just because I pulled her out of her bed.

And just so you know, the word "bed" is used loosely here. It's more like a PoPo nest. We've given her the comforter from Matt's bachelor days, which no longer fits any beds in the house. And by that I mean, the comforter Matt picked out in college was so hideous that there was no way I was going to let it near a bed, even if it did fit one. To accomplish my insideous plan, I just let the dog lay on it one day. OOPS! No one can use that comforter anymore, because no amount of washing will clean that! I keep the comforter upside down, even when the dog uses it, because it is so ugly. But, just for you lucky viewers, I've turned up a corner for you all to see how ugly it was. *shivers* Scroll down for a picture of the nest.

But I digress, the nest is made so, because one day while watching movies under said hideous comforter (prior to the development of my sinster plan to rid myself of it), we discovered that PoPo enjoyed being under it. So much so, that she would nose her sixy pound body under any part she thought you were not using, like the part that covers your feet. Now, if she happens to be untop of all the comforter leaving no place to get under, she just pulls at part of it while staring at you. By doing so, she hopes that you will notice, she is not fully covered for the night. This works. I feel bad and get up to tuck my dog in y'all. Spoiled much? Never.

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