January 26, 2006

Girlapalooza 2006

...and NO that is not the title of some pornograhic movie. It the the name I dub this coming weekend with. Preparations start today. There will be many phone calls, much shopping and lots of house cleaning going down in the his-ouse. I'm super excited about it. Six girls-count them, SIX will be coming to my house from 12-4 on Saturday to crop, gossip and generally rouse chaos. My husband, the wonder dude he his, has been assigned to cleaning his room, opening jars, lifting heavy items, and generally staying out of sight by playing WoW. So he's a happy camper. Well, not, so much about the first three. But he's happy.

I began menu planning last week, people. Can you tell I'm a little over zealous about this? Anywho, so far it includes, mini chicken sandwhichs, mini pumpernickle sandwhichs, mini veggies for dipping, cheese fondue with mini breads, chocolate fondue with mini pound cake, and assorted homemade cookies. (You can tell girls are excited when they add "mini" to the menu.) I've also got cool water goblets with charms what people can use for drinks, including iced water, iced tea, white cranberry juice, o.j., sparkling grape juice, and for Emma and myself tonight-blackberry merlot. Because we are the rebels without a cause. We are the nay-sayers to prohibition. Because we love ourselves some Arbormist Blackberry Merlot. For some reason beyond all human capacity, I have aligned myself with friends who do not drink. I have never understood this. Jesus drank wine.

And now my friends, I must sacrifice 8 hours of my day at work to afford said party.

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Emma said...

Wahoo for the wine! I love me some Arbormist.