January 27, 2006

House Wars

We have been house hunting for about three weeks now. We've pretty much exhausted the current market. So next weekend we start to look at land. The idea of land frightens me. How on Earth do we plan to agree on building a house, if we can't decide on one that's already built? Lord knows I will not be happy about paying someone to come onto MY land and build things that I will scruintize and agonize over the minute details of. Does Matt really want to live with me while this is going on? Does he comprehend the stress I will be under while price comparing all of the limitless options, while he sits by a complains that I won't decide on anything and is so fed up he will just throw money (that we do not have) at the first person who will shut me up? And that this will likely be years? No, truthfully, I don't think he can handle it. I enjoy working with my hands. I find the hardships of tackling a tangible problem, such as repairs, fully justified by the end accomplishment. Notice I "accomplished" the problem, not "resovled" it. I am weird enough that I feel good after a long day of working so hard that I am sore. There is a cute little house that I could work wonders on, but Matt is only willing to use as a back up and then only a temporary back up. I love this little house. It's got the best land by far, and the some of the larger rooms. I could make each room beautiful with a little sanding, stain and some paint.

I tried to be fair in the comparison of the "top" choices.

Jennifer’s Fav House Matt’s Top Choice

Each house has it's ups and downs. I mean who doesn't want to stretch their budget for a large home? Did I mention the master bedroom with the tray ceiling (!!) is on the main floor and the other bedsrooms are upstairs? I didn't? There's a reason it won't sell and it's been a rental for years (forgot to mention that too?) Because No one in their right mind with children is going to trot up and down a flight of stairs six times a night for a newborn or leave their 2 y.o. up there alone! It's absurd! But it has a huge large for the dog? That's right! Jennifer, wasn't one of YOUR requirements a large for the PoPo-ster? Why Yes! Oh that's right, she digs...and we have to bury the fence four feet. That will be so fun and an uneven, wooded lot. Let's go get the ditch-witch right now! Just ignore the hill that goes straight up for at least twenty feet on right side of the porch (which, by the way, you can reach out and touch from the porch)!! And the best thing of all, if we did decide to "overcome" these obstacles and dish out the dough for the repairs needed (painting, carpeting, a/c & heat) both places need, we will never recoup it on the larger home. Yes, lets get that one!

In all fairness I ask you to view the houses via the hyperlink and give me your honest opinion. Please tell me if you think that I am being reasonable.

*Remember we are POOR, going over The Budget, will do two things: put us in debt and drive Jennifer insane with stress of microbudgeting, therefore effectiving driving Matt insane.

**I am sorry for the small picture, but the list method was not working with blogger. You may have to upload the picture to read it.

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Teri said...

Personal opinion...go for the smaller and less expensive of the two homes, thus leaving more money available for upgrades and repairs. Not to mention that, if in fact you are blessed early by little "thumpers", you don't have to stress about them falling off of the deck and tumbling to their demise off of the cliff! (Just kidding Matt.) However, not just because she is my best friend, but b/c I feel it is the more logical choice, I would have to completely agree with Jen on this one.