January 19, 2006

A day in the life of a student

Today I got three emails from friends of mine, all about the same thing. A new job opening where they work. Not that I necessarily want to leave my job, because let's face it I have great co-workers, but that this new job has a possibility of being even better. It'll pay more money, it'll have benefits, My husband and I can ride to work together and best of all-it'll expand the house wishing.

Last summer I worked at a switchboard operator at my husband's work. He works at a 2 year, private college. It was low pay, but the job was great. I got to meet so many educated people! And in this area, that doesn't happen much. Everyone was so friendly and busy. It was over all a great work environment. And just to make the deal sweeter-It's filled with students. Being a student is the best job ever. You only work 4 hours a day, you sleep in late (or get up early, which ever floats your boat), you community is solely based upon people your age and your constantly learning something new. Just being in that environment gives you a high (and not the plant based-kind either).

And now they have a job opening. A job opening that would allow me to do the things I'm good at: talking, letting the creative juices flow and playing on the computer. Similar to what I do when I write here, but paid. It's administrative assistant in the office of administration and special initiatives. I believe that to be fancy for "somebody's lacky." I'm cool with being a lacky. Lackies are kind of like students; they're told what to do and they get schooled if they don't do it right. ("schooled"...Hehehe, get it? It's pun. I love bad puns.)

We'll see in a few months if they believe I am as good as I say I am.

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