September 28, 2005

I told you i'd post pictures later

So this is Christmas present for my friend. I am very proud of this piece of work as it is labeled an intermediate level. yay! I'm intermediate! the top picture shows the true colors of the scarf. the bottom picture shows a better detail, in worse color.
I'm very excited to note as well that my gauging as become more accurate and stiches have become more consistant. it was definately worth all the pitiful scarves i made before to achieve this level. I can't wait to do my first really big project, like the weasley sweater for m.

This is the scarf I am knitting that will sell in a boutique in Atlanta.
It's made with grey baby alapaca wool, which is oh-so-soft. i tell myself that they do not harm the baby alpacas harvesting this fur. it's VERY trendy with fringe, faux fur, ribbon (never knit with ribbon-it has absolutely no give) and a fringey-ribbony-yarn. More fringe will be added at the end, and yes it's suppost to have those bits hanging out all over the place.

The following pictures are the promotional piece that the above scarf is formulated after. you can see that the original scarf had more of an intertwined look, rather than a segegated/striped look. You can also see the additional fringe that will be added to the sides. once again one picture for color and one for definition. hey, i'm working with a digital camera that should be retired!


Emma said...

Congrats on your knitting accomplishments. The most recent one looks awesome!

Teri said...

By the alpacas are shaved in the same manner that a sheep is, to the best of my knowledge! No harming necessary! Your pieces have turned out really well. I am so proud of you!