October 11, 2005

HP trading cards

i was at the "DOLLAR GENERAL" yesterday. (it's very sad but that is a major store out here in the sticks....it's a completely crappy store.) found some Harry Potter trading card game packs for 50 cents near the register and bought four packs. now you know why i don't carry cash. M informs me that they are a version of MAGIC, a card game for D&D fans, and are even made by the same manufacturer. then he pointed and laughed as he called me a geek. i was sad. i thought that they'd be like baseball cards. poor me.


Emma said...

I think HP cards are a wise investment. Just think, for $2, what else could you get? 2 coke bottles. half a gallon of milk. but here is the joy of hours spent staring at Ron, Harry, Hermione, and the others. How fun is that?

Jen said...

it's very fun. i especially enjoy the younger versions of everyone.