September 9, 2005

Weasley Sweater

So the baby sweater project has been put "on hold" officially until I can spend some time with my Grandmother and have her help me figure out what "K0" means. typically K stand for knit, and the number following tells you how many times, but 0? knit zero? that does not make any sense at all. However, Bunny Buttons are now added and I did get to try on the partically completed torso pieces on 10 week old Zane at work. It actually fitted pretty well, meaning that it was considerably loose. I sized it for a 6 month old, so this is a good thing. He screamed, until he turned red and had not air left. I'm told (by his mother) that it was not because of the sweater. I took it personally. For now I am working on an afgan to match the living room it's in soft marigold, tawny brown and sage in a plush yarn. mmmm....cozy soft. I will try to post pics soon.

M has discovered the joy of my knitting and crocheting-it allows him to devote more worship time to WoW. He's such a devoted follower. I recieve much encouragement and praise for my efforts now. He's gone as far as request a Weasley Sweater.

With the appropriate letter M, of course. He suggested matching sweaters for us, but I think he was kidding when he said that. I found some patterns for the sweater via some google searches, but if anyone else has a better pattern I willingly pay for it.

Nigel has also discovered a love for my knitting. It gives him reason to swat at my hands and try to chew yarn, not that his mommy agrees with these activities. But he is going through attention withdrawal now that his mommy and new daddy, both work full time (not more noon lovings for him). PoPo is not handling this well at all. She has almost no hair left on the back of her legs were she licks. Poor thing. I leave as many "thinking" activities out as possible and today we tried leaving her out in her pen outside. She dug lots of holes.

Wish me luck on the sweater.

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