September 15, 2005


all my projects are on hold as my weeks and weekends are accumulating activities and guests. however, i did recieve an offer to make scarves in my spare time and get paid $20 a scarf. so that sounds like fun. i recently discovered a new pattern through Melody and i am way excited about it. can't wait to start, if i can make head or tales of the pattern.

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russell said...

ok where do i put this? my comment has nothing to do with THIS post but it has to do with ANOTHER post from a while back, but i am lazy and don't wish to search the archives.

so, regarding jen's dislike of anime, here goes:

in the mail i receive a birthday gift from jennifer. oh, presents! but what is it? it's...anime! now, jen buying a dvd for her brother who likes some anime, while she herself claims dislike of such things, is ok. i mean, buying something one has no interest in as a gift is commonplace. the thing that gets me, in the card (which was funny) she says on the card she took a gamble on the gift and bought it for me... the why? because *she said she liked it*.. so which is it jen?! like or dislike?! we need another post! INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW!