September 4, 2005

Three Day Weekend

Monday is labor day, which means no work. I have always found it rather backwards, why a day off from work is called "labor day." I mean why not call it "non-labor day" or better yet "slacker day"? Moving right along, no work tomorrow means that I really didn't have to accomplish anything on Sunday. I typically use the weekend to clean the house as clutter drives me nuts. Not that you could tell according to my now cramped craft room...

This is rotating view and normally kitties are kept out handily enough, by the door. But it's just too tempting to come in and fiddle with all of mommies things while she works. Here is Nigel, who normally co-pilots my work from his own chair.

The craft room is in disarray, because I'm at a stand still with what to do next in my scrapbook. (I have so many pictures to print off of my computer and I'm not real happy with the quality of M's v v expensive printer.) And because I have switched to knitting for a little while. I've been working on this baby sweater, with which I am very pleased, because it is my first attempt at something not so square, like baby blankets and scarves, and it uses two different yarns! I'm very impressed with myself here, being a newbie to the scene. (Here I am blantently ignoring the garish hat I knitted out of boa yarn- which was fun to make and superburbly bright in hot pinks, yellows and oranges, but made my head look like a mushroom. I gave it away to someone else, whom it suits better.)

My very first button hole! They are gorgeous and not to hard to do. I actually used a yo (yarn over) stitch for the first time. You can kinda see my stockenette stitch here too. Yes, those are my fingers.

Next I want to try quilting. I read Julie's blog quite frequently and see some of her pieces, which are too fun, but Lynne's quilts are quite amazing. I think that I will start with something slightly easier. Perhaps with a kit or a weekend with my grandmother, who is a quilter herself. She will like sharing that with me. After all she taught me to crochet, while my mother taught me to knit and sew. I'm not quite sure when I decided that I needed to learn all these "old world" talents, but I love them.

Not unfortunately, however, my extra day off will not be devoted to crafts. I'm out of white yarn for the sleeves and M refuses to drive the hour round trip to Wally World for my hobbies with gases prices being what they are-not that I can blaim him. So, tomorrow my wonderful and vampiric husband will dare the light of day to hike with myself and our daughter/dog, PoPo, to the top of Bell Mountain, i.e. the cell phone towers. It's not much of a climax, but it will be fun and I'll take my camera hoping to get some good shots. Besides, if we go early it'll wear PoPo out she won't bug us the rest of the day. He's so sweet to sacrifice his only holiday to me and the out of doors, rather than to the gods of WoW. Kisses for him!

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Teri said...

Sounds like your weekend was pretty eventful. It's so good to hear that the job is working out as well as I told you it would!! And, M should have sacrificed his day without question, after all, he is your husband and spends his extra time on WoW anyways! You more than deserve it! Love ya! By the way, love the sweaters.