September 3, 2005


i am so calm and relaxed right now. i'm finally not as stressed as i was. i've got a new job at the laywer's office that is going well. we've got the money for almost everything. i'm not pushing myself to my limits just so we can squeak by on a daily basis. it's a wonderful feeling. this may sound horrible with the state of affairs in Louisiana and with the gas shortage ($2.13/gallon and rising), but i have complete confidence in my government to pull together and help us get through this. after all, when we as humans begin to suffer, we as people discover a very altruistic side of ourselves. this is not the most eloquent of posts or the most spell bounding self realization. but i just wanted to share my blessings and hope that others have or will at some time feel the same way.

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Teri said...

I am so pleased that you have finally learned what this feels adult life! You tie yourself up so much into so many emotions, about so many things, that I think you had forgotten what this feeling felt like. Take a step back more and put yourself back into your high school shoes...young, carefree, no worries. The real world isn't as bad or scary as you may think it is. Don't let it always intimidate you. Love you!