September 27, 2005

I must learn how to use my hobbies to make money

i have started a Christmas present for a friend. it is the beautiful multidiretional scarf I mentioned in an earlier post. I'm not delusional I know that not all people like scarves or handmade knitted gifts, but M assures me that the recipient will like it. I will post a picture later.

in the mean time the baby sweater is still on hold until I visit my grandmother next month.

i have to get more yarn for another project still. it's a crochet project. I'm completely out of yellow plush yarn for my throw. i have the first 24 squares made and am only lacking the other 30. i will post pictures of that later too. it's easy and fun. plus the added bonus is that it will add a splash of yellow to the living room.

maybe i should ask Santa of more yarn for Christmas? what do you think? i'm a little obcessed, but M thinks this is only a good thing, as it allows him even more time with his Precious (little LOTR reference for you who didn't pick up on that). It even lets him attend his World of Beer Festival. He's smart to let me have too many hobbies, scrapbooking, knitting, crocheting, and quilting. I must learn how to make money from these activities.

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Emma said...

You can make money on these crafts. There are professional scrapbookers who sell scrapbooks on ebay. All the buyer has to do is put in the pictures, the stickers and all are already done. You can also sell quilts, scarves and more on ebay. My mom sells those magic scarves at work for $15 a piece. You can make lots of money.