July 16, 2011

Sock Blanket Saturday

My friend, Amy, has traded me some new colors of sock yarn.  (She seems to have a lot of pink yarn as well.)  She has been most generous to me.  She let me knit with this electric Ms. Babs yarn before she finished the second sock, which has given me a few more Sock Blanket Saturdays.  Thank you Amy.

You can't see it from the monitor, but this yarn is eye popping pink.  Acid dye pink.  And slippery, sproingy wonderful to knit with.  I believe that this particular sock yarn is part bamboo, hence the slippery bit.  As always I love knitting with Ms. Babs yarn.  It's never treated me wrongly.  What about y'all?  Have a yarn that just floats your boat every time you knit with it in every breed, weight or color you use?

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ihknitting said...

This makes me interested in Ms. Babs yarn.