April 2, 2011

Sock Blanket Saturday

We now continue our weekend series of which yarn.  We've covered some of the more popular animal fibers.  Let's move onto the plant fibers.  Introducing Cotton, Rowan Cotton. (Sorry about the bad Bond joke.)

Originally, I purchased a skein of Rowan 4ply cotton for a pair of ubercute baby booties, while I was going through my bootie phase.  You know the phase I had right before getting knocked up with Lil Bit.

Anyway, as you know Lil Bit turned out not to be a girl.  Also I am lacking the other color necessary for them, and it's a now discontinued line.  So overcoming my hoarding tendencies, I decided to destash and knit with it.  The horrors!

I don't have a lot of experience with Rowan yarns, but this yarn behaved like most cottons do.  It was smooth and unyielding.  The tiny 50g skein was so tightly wound that I yanked out a clump of yarn which broke while trying to find the end of the strand.

That's not a complaint.  It's simply a sign of my brute strength.

1 comment:

Lainey said...

Love the color!! I'm like you, the booties on the cover of that book are sooo, sooo, soooooo cute!!!