March 9, 2011

"Oh boy more of my favorite hobby!"

Not for the first time EZ's writing struck a chord with me.  But I can say this is the first time I have been happy to knit the same sweater twice.

I get to fix all the errors that I was willing to live with last time, but makes for a much better sweater this time.
  • Like raglan increases.  I have discovered with my small, but long frame that it is much better to stop increases before separating the arms from the body and throw in a few regular round to keep the size small and the length long.
  • And sleeve decreases.  Even doing the above doesn't quite make up for twiggy arms.  I can decrease at each end of the row about 4 or 5 times to get a close fit on my arms.  YAY!
  • Waist shaping.  Every sweater needs it.  You know that and so do I.

Now back to knitting.

1 comment:

Lainey said...

Beautiful! But I'm so absolutely sick jealous of the fact that Owen is just a little over a year old and you're skinnier than ever. Ugh.. Destiny is 2 and I pretty much look a few months prego.. Peachy. Love you tho!