April 13, 2010

little knitting reminders

My birthday was over a month ago, and I am just now posting a few of the events that occurred in those days. Turns out babies are a big time-suck.

1. At my six week check-up there was a lady knitting a brown ankle sock. I know this because it was cuff down and she had turned the heel. While I really wanted to talk to her about it, I didn't think I could do so without the words, "Why in the world would anyone desire to have a sock that doesn't appear to be anything more than a tragic misplaced step in a barn?" coming out of my mouth. I have never understood ankle socks. Long socks are to keep your feet, ankles and legs warm in the winter and short (aka invisible) socks are to absorb foot sweat in the summer. There is no need to have ankle socks. They straddle the appropriate sock length fence. They are just ambiguous and confused footwear, but I digress. It was fantastic to see another public display of knitting.

2. An old ex-friend suddenly decided that she wanted to be my friend again, I hope, by asking me on facebook if I was part of ravelry. Awesome. She has not spoken to me yet. I wonder if I will ever figure out what she wanted.

3. As I mentioned before, I recently had a birthday. Not everyone in my family has caught onto the fact that yarn, as a gift, never gets old-except my SIL. She gave me this card.

and a check "for yarn." I really like her.

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Hockey Mom said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I love it when people "get" me too. I hope the little "O" and his parents are doing well.