February 2, 2010

Cloudy with a Chance of Scarf

When I started this post on the 12th of January it was snowing flurries again, the kind of weather that is unprecedented for my area. So I'm guessing that the recipient of this scarf is going to be really thankful I am finally finished with it while the weather's still cold. After all it only took 7 months to knit up *ahem* 3 months after he purchased the yarn for it....

Last April, my husband's best friend, Michael, ended up going into a yarn shop with me. I could explain how this happened, but I'd rather leave it a mystery-my blog needs some sort of intrigue-At any rate Michael mentioned that he might like a handknit scarf while in the presence of walls of yarn. Is there a better why to flip the on switch in a knitter? I think not. So I immediately volunteered to knit one up for him.

We discussed what color, how long, what texture, how soft, etc., etc., etc. until he picked out this gorgeous shade of red in a merino/silk blend. The man has taste. I'm glad that I have already laid claims on him as surrogate husband in case of my actual husband's unexpected demise. (Which if he doesn't stop turning on my reading lamp every time it's his shift with the baby might be sooner than expected.)

The pattern he picked out came out of a Japanese stitchionary, so that was a little fun to interpret, but after two feet I had the pattern memorized. There were a few little errors in the chart, but they were easy to correct. First, the chart did not have a the purled stitches to either side of the center slip stitch that was shown in the photo graph. It was easy enough to add those.

The second error was a little more confusing. The pattern completely omitted a demarcation of where the pattern restarted. Knit rows 1 through 44 and restart back at row 1 got you a wonky little fish looking pattern instead of the clear xoxoxox as seen in the photos. I screwed that one up on the first repeat, but when I asked my husband (the recipient of many handknitted items by moi) to find the mistake, it took a few minutes of scrutiny and I decided it was not worth ripping out several inches of knitting. I was a fearless knitter. Fearless.

And it was worth it.


Knitting by Leah said...

I think the scarf came out just lovely! You should be proud of yourself for not giving up after the first few times taking it apart and redoing it.

turtlegirl76 said...

Oh it turned out so gorgeous!!