February 5, 2010

Cambridge sweater revisited

Ugh. Has anyone ever finished a project, in this case sweater, just to find out it isn't quite right? Even after a million questions and try-ons as you go?

Well I have. And I have learned the body cues/language uses to tell me the truth, mostly by watching my husband try on his Cambridge sweater. There are really only four cues, but they can really screw with your FO.

Cue number one If you are tugging at the sleeves, you need to add some inches.

Cue number two If you are pulling the front of the sweater down, it isn't long enough or the neckline is riding to high or both.

Cue number three If you are yanking at your armholes, you must rip and re-knit them bigger.

Cue number four If you are trying to flatten the front of the sweater by rubbing your belly, something is wrong. It's too wide...the zipper is puckering...you used the wrong type of yarn...something must be fixed.

I am so only knitting sweaters from the top down anymore.

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