December 22, 2009

Monday morning finds

Last Monday, the Hubs and I went out to run errands and go to doctor's appointments in Ellijay. We stopped by the liquor store for some cooking sake, and if you've seen me recently you know why that's humorous. Unfortunately, it didn't take that long and we still had some time to kill before my appointment. That's when we decided to take the road less traveled by. And boy, am I glad.

In a strip mall surrounded by Gold's Gym and restaurants was a sign which proclaimed YARN STORE. Since I was driving, the truck automatically made an illegal u-turn and found it's way into the parking lot. While I was busy trying to see if they were open, The Hubs began laughing and pointing.

He understands the dark underground rivalry of knitters vs. crocheters, so the above sign tickled his funny bone. He even took a picture and asked me to post it to the blog. So here you go.

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