April 6, 2009

Grandma's no frills hat

Story behind this hat. Grandma loves supporting my knitting hobbies, as a crocheter she understands the need to craft with yarn. Grandma decides that she wants a hat last fall. Faithful Granddaughter (that's me, TURBOchic) offers to make her one.

Grandma announces that she's allergic to lanolin. Dang it all, I hate cotton! Faithful Granddaughter procrastinates...after all she is knitting up a whole sweater for the Hubs. Enter the new year, Faithful Granddaughter still decides that more FO's must come off the needles be fore she will cast on yet another project and continues to procrastinate. Grandma begins to offer to buy her own hat instead of getting one from Faithful Granddaughter. Faithful Granddaughter feels a slight twinge of guilt and goes out to buy the yarn. Two weeks pass, Hub's sweater awaits seaming and Faithful Granddaughter has no reason to not knit up Grandma's hat. Knits hat up in 4 days.

Pattern: Black Sea hat by Grumperina (rav)
Size: the 112 sts co
Yarn and Needles: my new BFF, Cascade's Cotton Rich DK in natural on size 6 needles.
Notes: My first beaded knitting and Grandma announces that she doesn't want any color or beads on the dang thing. I love you Grandma, but this hat is down right boring without something on it.

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turtlegirl76 said...

Hey those are really cute pictures of you! The hat still looks great without the beads or the color. I'm sure Grandma will love it!