January 5, 2009

Yarn Pron for HER pleasure

My very artistic shot of some cotton yarn. Just to make things interesting for my viewers. This shot in no way happened because I can't take a still shot to save my life. Or because even the "steady cam" action on a digital camera can't control for my hand movements. Or because I didn't get my daily dose of the CH3CH2OH. (That's the zip in your drinkydrink for all you non-science winos out there.)

The-Santa-who-is-not-my-husband got me some cotton yarn to make another baby blanket. Because, the six I have made, plus the one I have purchased are not enough to sate my craving for baby blankets. My next morsel for gobbling up required a little visit to elann.com for 5 balls of Antique plum, 3 balls of antique blue, 3 balls of oasis and 2 balls of white for the Dots and Stripes Blanket by Zoe Mellor. (I am linking fellow knit blogger Christina, whom I have not met or even read her blog, but she scanned in the previous picture I found through googling.) The pattern can be found on page 48 in Adorable Knits for Tots: 25 Stylish Designs for Babies and Toddlers as pictured below.

I'd link this bad baby up on ravelry, but the pattern eludes me. Even when I open up all 25 patterns for this book for viewing. 25 patterns are there, except this one. I know it's in the book -I'm holding it in my freaking hands right now! But it's not on ravelry anywhere. This is the first time ravelry has ever let me down. I'm baffled.

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