June 3, 2008


I'm really at a lost of what to write here. Instead of coming up with insanely clever blog posts in my head, my brain is focused on producing small, tiny acrylic tubes covered in bits of shiny strips. It's starting to border on a freakish obsession. I'll elaborate:

First I knit a pink hat covered in ribbons for funsies, because I had a small amount of pink cotton yarn and what else was I going to do with it?

Well that got me into ribbons. More specifically into the need for ribbons. Ribbons which complimented my pink yarn-better ribbons than what I had. This, of course, required that I go shopping for ribbons. As I stared at the multitude of silky goodness on the WALL of ribbons and contemplated my situation, it occurred to me that this might possibly be habit forming. A though which I quickly shoved away and reached for the four new ribbons I would be purchasing to go with my itty-bitty hat.

Putting those ribbons on that hat was fantastic. It was like icing a cake. It was delicious. Fiddly, but not to fiddly. Like fair isle, but without all the extra time spend stranding across the backside of your work. Now, you may be thinking that ribbon hats just aren't your bag. I admit on first glance they are not so fabulous to look at. The ribbons are all lumpy (also like fair isle in some cases) and their ends don't weave in nicely (umm...ditto on the fair isle metaphor) and quite plainly just stupid looking. But I dare you to knit up a hat and add ribbons. I'll find you in the ribbon aisle next time I go out.

That's how I ended up here:

and here:

The ribbon aisle it'll do you in every time.

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ikkinlala said...

I wouldn't wear a hat with ribbons like that myself, but they would be so cute on a baby!