April 10, 2008

Alive and Blogging

I have been up to things. Many things. Many things with can be put into list format.

1. Itty Bitty Ribbon Hat:
2. Boring incomplete Sleeves:

2a. Helpful kitties with Incomplete Sleeve Picture Taking:

3. Gardening in April: Because I cannot wait for May.

New Geraniums with PoPo because she hasn't been featured recently:

Colorful Coleus in hanging pots:
Chives to plant with my Tomatoes (it's all about companion planting this year):

4. Reading: OneManga. Because I am a geek.

5. Perming: Because I am a geek which was born in the 80's. This also explains why I am wearing a t-shirt with a bad (absolutely freakin' fabulous) pun.


turtlegirl76 said...

What a sweet little hat! Love the hair. Wish we could see it from the front. ;)

I need to think about a container garden. I'd like to try growing a tomato or something.

Dani said...

You need to come show off that hair in person woman! It looks awesome - and as a fellow child of the 80's, I wouldnt mind seeing the whole shity too :)